Audience analysis for ” 4 DA SQUAW ” by Isaiah Rashad


The second track am analysing is called 4 DA SQUAW by Isaiah Rashad this song was released on september 2 with the full album called “The Sun’s Tirade” i have chosen this track to explain and recognise to which audience it was meant to because as one of Isaiah Rashads audience, it relates to me in various ways. This song starts with a very subtle  chords on an electric piano that directly applies to the old school audience aged between 18-30 and the use of those specific chords shows that this is not a song that you can dance or move to and that it does not have a happy vibe but rather this track is more for the audience that want to reminisce and the listeners that want to lay back, recognise and work on their problems.” His song are like inkbolts in a Rorchach test, what you see in them might depend may depend on where you are in the spectrem”( sheldon pearce, september 7, according to sheldon pearce this song is part if a large collection of song that vary meaning depending on the listener. Starting from the instrument chose to the SFX like the retro effect on the main vocal and add libs to the constantly thumping Kick that will get listeners hypnotized after a while and cause them to zone out, this track is specifically designed to the people all around the world that are still trying to find them self or people that are addicted to certain drugs. There isn’t a specific gender or location that this track applies to but rather a global track that applies for adults that are still in a bad place. Just like the Pitchfork review said that “The Suns Tairad” is a collection of songs that diagnose and medicate

   In conclusion both tracks are very complex and resemble good music from the old school days and they are pure perfections made for the right listeners and i believe that they have touched within the age range of 16-30 anyone that have a deep appreciation for good music, lyrics and recognises struggle.  


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