Unit-4 songs that change the world

In this unit i will be selecting a song that i believe has a particular social or historical significance. My chosen song is “Keep Ya Head Up” by Tupac Shakur. I have chosen this specific track because i believe it sends out one of the most important messages the human race has been struggling with which is “EQUALITY”. This song specifically emphasises equality between the genders, dictating that “ we all came from a woman” so we have to be equal because we are equal. This was a very important song at that time (Octoberber 28 1993), cause it was originally dedicated to a 15 years old Latasha harlins who was shot and killed by a shopkeeper in LA. this incident is led to believe to have caused the 1992 riot in LA and thats why I think this song has got a major social significance. At the time this song was published there was alot if clash between the black community and the authorities and the song  Keep Ya Head Up supports one of the most appressed section of our society which were poor black women. “This song is significant in history because in a time where rappers were referring to women as “bitches, hoes and sluts,” Tupac praises women. He offers symphony and support to his “sisters.“ Tupac’s verses’ shed light on the unfortunate reality of female disrespect, and criticize the men who degrade them” (10/03/2010, Nicoles blog).This song was mainly released to educate and open the eyes of the black community to what was going on in the neighbourhood, mainly focused in the things the black American community does without realising the Repercussion. Tupac belives that a father figure is very important to help guide a child and without it our children are missing the value of life or to be specific the value of a woman. Although Tupac is known to be a very upfront and sometimes an aggressive individual he always said that he “Love”  and appriciates women and since he was raised by a single mother who happens to be part of the Black Panther movement he had a lot of knowledge about the black society, he is a true beliver of Equality specialy when it come to colored  women. Keep Ya Head Up is targets the mistreatment of young black  women and raises awarnes in the black society. Tupac is a well respected artist and is know to get in trouble with the authorities because  of his habits to tell the truth and expressing  what he truly believes and this always got him in trouble. he talks about how the world really works and wants to let people know how it really is and the only way to survive is to come together as a society and work towards the same goal and help each other, that is the main message Tupac is trying to send out to the people of colour. “You know it’s funny when it rains it pours, They got money for wars, but can’t feed the poor, Say there ain’t no hope for the youth and the truth is, it ain’t no hope for the future,  And then they wonder why we crazy” this quote is one of the most recognized Tupac quotes because no matter what ethnicity,gender or believe after reading this quote no one can deny that these words come  from a man that strongly believes about educating his people for a better future.

The next part of my assessment is to analyse another song that changed or influenced the world.I have chosen one of the most well known annual festivals called Coachella. Coachella is an annual music and arts festival held in empire polo club in California. It was founded in 1999 (Wikipedia) and is ongoing till this present moment. Out of all the years of Coachella i have chosen a specific year (2012), this is because the 2012 Coachella was unique in a way no other festival or concert that have ever been seen. The 2012 Coachella was joined by one of the most respected and loved father of Hip HoP 2PAC Shakur. i believe this concert has changed the world because they brought back one of the most loved black artists the world has ever know and this means big deal for people of the old school Hip Hop era. This event brought back the old school vibe which has been fading away from the early 2007-2008, it also had a major cultural significance because when Tupac was alive he was representing the black community and was like a saviour to many people in the music community. Historically the significance of the performance which was the combination of 3 of the most respected Hip Hop artists including a hologram Tupac, Dr Dre and Snoop Dog was the remembrance of Tupac Shakur, a man of integrity that was taken away from the people before his time and to bring back the great Tupac Shakur to stage one more time for the audience to say their good byes was more than most people imagine for. I believe this performance had a bit of a political clash swell because of the songs chosen for the Hologram Tupac to preform were “Hail Mary” and “2 Of Americaz Most Wanted” both of these songs is a very controversial song and represent that even in death Tupac Shakur  still stands for the same racial and other types of discrimination. Ever thing on that night was iconic starting with the clothes Tupac was wearing. Musically the era of 2012 was mainly focused on pop and the start of Trap music so there wasn’t a high expectaion for the old school performers to dominate the stage and be the face of 2012 coachella festival but after the performance of 2 hologram 2 pac it was certainly the biggest event of the festival. the life like hologram was designed to imitate 2 pac and this was done with the permission of his mom Afni Shakur and most of the money collected went to charity in the name of Tupac Shakur. However some people considered bringing Tupac back  to stage with out his consent very cinical and according to billboard.com people were very judgmental of the hologram which they considered was poorly designed. ” there exists a token of beauty in letting Pac’s music speak for itself, and not grafting a false image onto his classic sounds simply because we missed Tupac perform when he was alive and want to see him now.” (Jason Lipshutz, 16/4/2012) This is the kind of reaction that were collected from people, fans and critics and although these reactions are not what dr dre and snoop dog hoped for many more fans and fellow artist were happy and honored to be apart of the moment.



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