“The Worlds Weight” audience analysis and production techniques.


I have been asked to choose a record label and make a track that would suit within their requirement or ethos. I have chosen a record label named Top Dawg, this label is based In  USA and is owned by Anthony Tiffith, dave free and Terrence Henderson. I have chosen this label because some of my favorites the best artist of our generation are signed to this label, artists like kendrick lamar, Jay Rock, Isaiah Rashad, SZA etc. this label mostly produces Hip Hop song, artist like kendrick Lamar and Isaiah Thomas and SZA are more in to the jazzy Hip hop and the rest of the crew are involved in to the modern hip hop.




I have composed a track that i believe have the right vibe and feel that would integrate to Top Dawg entertainment. There are a lot of ways to approach in order to make a track for TDE( Top Dawg Entertainment) and capture the audience which is aged between 16-30, an audience that is not too into the modern music like trap and mainstream pop, an audience that likes to hear and feel the old school vibe. The first approach is the rhythm of the the track, the track that i made was inspired by one of the tracks i analysed on my previous blog called What’s Wrong by Isaiah Rashad and Kendrick Lamar, the rhythm or the pattern of the drums is constant and keeps the audience focused in one catchy pattern. I believe that by not having too much happening in my track that i can achieve my goal which is to implement and old school vibe. This is one of the things i kept in mind because my audience is mainly black, old school fanatic and they want to hear and understand the rhythm of the track. The second approach to my track is how I could explain and send the culture and message behind my piece using only my instruments because i want my audience to reminisce and relate my track to another favorite old school song.

   Another way to engage with my audience is to add distortion to the electric guitar to give it a retro sound. Since i am making a track for TDE and because the company is located in the west side of USA, the side of USA that have a very high expectancy for music due to some of the greatest rappers,singers and producers are part of that west side culture there really is only a few things i can do to my track before it starts to sound like a modern trap songs. This brings me to my third approach which is how to compose and generate an overall vibe of the song and send one important message which says “ I AM OLD SCHOOL” and to do this i had to use one of my drum kits called Hip Hop kit, this kit gives the whole track a different feel that changes the atmosphere of my track. Starting with the kick it is not just a thumping sound it has got percussive effect, the Hihats are acoustic and resonate in the listener’s ears all these effects throughout my instruments come together and give an collective GANGSTA feel, and that exact feeling is what artists from Top Dawg Entertainment  such as Isaiah and kendrick lamar implement in their audiences and i know this because i am part of that culture and i am part of the wide range of audience that is drawn to their music.  click here for a link to the track.


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